Natureteq Inc.

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Made in Canada

Our Mission

Our passion is to reduce and eliminate the debilitating physical and emotional effects of pain in your daily life. We strive to deliver the highest quality and most effective pain management products possible.

Today’s approach to healing emphasizes prevention, active rehabilitation and the improved pain management necessary to quickly return you to active daily life and eventually to a state of health and well-being. We produce and market products that deliver fast acting, long lasting, effective pain management that speed recovery, aid healing and keep you active.

Our Commitments

Natureteq Inc™ is proud to support athletes, teams, community groups and charities across Canada and Europe. We also actively engage in the study and promotion of pain management, as part of our effort to overcome the social, institutional and psychological barriers and stigmas associated with pain.

The Fine Print

Natureteq Inc™ is a privately-held and managed Canadian company specialising in the research, development and marketing of unique and highly effective products that reduce or eliminate pain and the debilitating effects of pain associated with chronic and acute muscle and joint conditions. We have been in business since 2006 and are a rapidly growing company. We currently operate in North America and Europe and sell our products in over 30 countries around the world.

Natureteq Inc™ differentiates itself from other companies by the quality of our active ingredients, the effectiveness of our product, our customer-oriented service culture, and our effort to change how people perceive and manage pain. Our products are manufactured in Canada under stringent quality standards that meet or exceed regulatory requirements. MEDISTIK’s™ active and inactive ingredients also meet the stringent requirements established by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports and the World Anti-Doping Association, are free of banned substances, and are suitable for use by professional athletes.

Ruza Jelinkova

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ruza is a European Canadian business leader, and the founder of Natureteq™, producer of the Medistik™ line of topical analgesics. Ruza is currently leading Natureteq™ into a new phase of growth with the recent launch of Medistik’s™ new line of products, and business development throughout the Americas. Ruza believes that people do not need to live with pain and has devoted herself to developing and promoting products that help people safely and effectively manage pain in their lives.


Robert Brukner

Director of Business Development

Robert is the senior executive in the Americas responsible for growth strategy, operational development, key account management, and marketing communications. Robert is leading the pursuit of strategic growth opportunities, the expansion of current distribution channels, and the optimization of product line value in current markets.