Medistik™ DUAL Stick

58 g

The most effective rub-on pain relief available without a prescription. Favoured by clinicians for chronic and acute pain. Used by professional athletes to improve training and recovery. Non-staining, colour and paraben-free.


Medistik™ DUAL Spray

118 mL

Strong, effective, fast acting spray-on pain relief. Great for your back or other hard to reach places. Non-staining, colour and paraben-free.


Medistik™ ICE Roll-on

89 mL

Our all-natural ICE product is a fast cooling pain relief liquid designed to relieve pain and inflammation naturally.


Medistik™ ICE Gel

500 mL

This product delivers our all-natural fast cooling pain relief as a high volume gel specifically designed for use in busy clinics, by sports team, in senior's homes and other high traffic locations.